Scott and Karin met in 2012 when we went on a couple of dates, and let’s just say it wasn’t a match made in heaven. Nevertheless, we started hanging out as “just friends” and soon became addicted to each other’s company.

Since the early days of our friendship, bitching and laughing about life in general  and the differences between Sweden, the US and the UK in particular  has been one of our favo/u/rite pastimes. So, we thought: why not share our thoughts with the rest of the world? And that’s how the idea for the podcast that came to be known as Snuggling with the Enemy was born.

Scott Ritcher is a Kentuckian graphic designer, magazine publisher and musician who’s been living in Stockholm since 2009. Scott is the publisher of K Composite, an iPad magazine featuring interviews with non-famous people. Twitter: @scottritcher

Karin Nilsson is a Swedish editor, quizmaster and culture vulture who’s been a Stockholm resident since 2012. Karin previously lived in England for nearly 8 years, and has the accent to prove it. Twitter: @missknilsson