#20: Life Companion

Want to improve your chances of finding love through online dating? And who (or what) exactly is Karin’s new life companion? Find out in the second-anniversary episode of Snuggling with the Enemy, in which we talk about the Dos and Don’ts of Tinder! Welcome to episode number 20 of Snuggling... check it out

#19: Knowing Me, Knowing You (Season 3 Premiere)

One whole year since recording our last full episode, Snuggling with the Enemy returns to the podwaves for a brand new season of podcast funtimes. Find out what really went down in Farsta, what happened to the first-hand contract, and what the Snugglers have been up to in the past... check it out

#18: The Lost Episode

From the depths of the archive vaults deep down in the Stockholm suburb of Farsta come the ultimate Snuggling with the Enemy outtakes: It’s THE LOST EPISODE! For your aural pleasure, we present a WHOLE THIRD of an episode consisting of Scott & Karin airing their DIRTY LAUNDRY in public... check it out

#17: Not Safe For Work

With the Snugglers now being flatmates/roommates – although, just to clarify, we do NOT share a room – last night we enjoyed a lovely dinner together. What we had to eat? Baguettes, pasta, basil, and tomatoes. It goes without saying that a discussion arose on how to pronounce all of... check it out

#16: Welcome to the Suburb!

Welcome to the very first Snuggling episode recorded in the brand new Snuggling HQ podcast studio! But first things first: We are so, SO sorry we’ve been away for SO long! The simple explanation for our absence from the podwaves is that we recently moved in together in the beautiful Stockholm suburb... check it out

The National Anthem of Namibia

It’s our apology of the week: We’re so, SO sorry, but there won’t be a new episode of Snuggling with the Enemy today! We are both super busy packing for our move to the suburb. But don’t fret; we’ll have a new episode for your listening pleasure next week. In the meantime,... check it out

#15: The Passion of the John

Episode number FIFTEEN gets a well-deserved touch of Scott’s organ, and we find out that Karin has been to a classical concert titled The Passion of the John. We’re still not sure whether it was about toilets or about a man who was keen on prositutes. We get a LIVE REPORT... check it out

#14: Crappy New Year

Welcome to what is quite possibly our best episode of the year! Err… We mean, the best episode of the year so far, obviously. 2015 has got off to a good start, with the Snugglers recording a brand new version of ABBA’s Happy New Year. And we also ended up giving... check it out

#13: Single Bells

It’s finally here: the festive episode you’ve all been waiting for! While the prosecco is flowing, Scott gets treated to a couple of English Christmas favo/u/rites: mince pies and Christmas crackers. Also don’t miss our very unique interpretation of Jingle Bells, recorded live during a Snuggling jam session. And just to clarify once... check it out

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